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our clients mean the world to us

We don't accept every business opportunity that comes our way. It is important to us to only accept new retainers and projects when we think that we are truly the best fit for the client. We don't like it when vendors are not careful with our time and money. As such, we are especially careful to accurately quote projects and to honor our deliverables to the T. We prize honesty and collaboration with our clients; this ensures that we provide exactly what each client is seeking. Please don't take our word for it! Just listen to some of our previous and current clients below. 

"WOW! Finally, we have discovered a marketing company that lives up to their promises and not only meets, but exceeds our expectations. Too often, we have hired companies that made big promises, only to have the work delegated to inexperienced staff whose work was mediocre or less. Not the case with Electrikk Digital. The Kaitlin-Kyle team is awesome! They are an experienced, innovative, creative, social media-savvy duo, whose ideas and promotions produced phenomenal results for our event. We credit their ideas and social media campaign for doubling our festival attendance in 2023, from 8,000 to 15,000, in addition to impressive increases in our social media followers. We look forward to many more marketing campaigns with them."

- Ann Louhela
Director, Sierra Nevada Lavender & Honey Festival

"It is my absolute pleasure to work with the Gattuso Coalition and Electrikk Digital, the collaborative partners that make up the PR and Marketing team of Sierra Arts Foundation.

Sierra Arts Foundation, a 50-year-old, well established arts and culture organization, began working with these creative partners in December of 2019. This team transitioned a largely in person, snail mail non-profit into an agency with capacity to take advantage of the digital space. Since then we have experienced an incredible surge in our promotional efforts. They have created 21 pieces of earned media, that has resulted in 1.42k shares on social media, yes, I said 1.42k shares. This equates to an estimated 59.3k estimated coverage views!

The efforts of this team don’t stop with social media, pr and marketing brilliance. The team of Gattuso Coalition and Electrikk Digital (Rachel Gattuso, Kaitlin and Kyle Young) have not only assisted in multiple fundraisers but have initiated many of them!

Funds are hard won in the non-profit sector and not spent lightly but in February of 2020 we were so confidant in the work of this team that we went all in with our social media accounts and experienced an increase of social media engagement of 451%, post clicks went up by 149% and our new followers climbed by 155%.  These numbers mean money in the bank! All of this by the way was accomplished during a national pandemic!

Over and above their professional and creative abilities Rachel, Kyle and Kaitlin have proven their ability to understand, and be passionate about all things Sierra Arts.  They are patient with the staff (ok me) when the digital world needs explaining!  The icing on the cake for this Executive Director is the value our board members see in this team, and that of course translates to a feather in my cap!!!

In summary, we are incredibly grateful for their talent and efforts and Sierra Arts Foundation wouldn’t be where it is today without them and in the grander scheme of things, the arts and culture community is lucky this brilliant team is working on their behalf!"

Tracey Oliver

Executive Director
Sierra Arts Foundation

Sierra Arts Foundation - Logo_wide-2colo

"I’m pretty sure Kaitlin and Kyle have a secret room somewhere stashed with a crystal ball and wizard wands. This dynamic duo predicts trends before they happen and performs pure magic in the creation of our social media campaigns and stories. We enlisted their mystical mastery in June 2019. Since then, our social media engagement has increased by 179%, our post link clicks are up by 326%, and new followers are up by 91.80%. We never would have achieved these numbers without their insight, creativity, and know-how!


A trusted advisor and exemplary advocate, Rachel of the Gattuso Coalition has been instrumental in spreading our story far and wide. Since retaining her services in January 2019, we’ve had over 30 pieces of coverage from local media that have been pushed to an estimated audience of 5.25M with approximately 70.5K views. I will do everything in my power to retain Rachel as a vital teammate for the foreseeable future. She is worth her weight (and that of my entire staff and board) in gold!


The Urban Roots board of directors identified “Increasing Community Awareness” as one of four strategic goals. After contracting with Rachel of the Gattuso Coalition and Kaitlin and Kyle of Electrikk Digital, I am pleased to report we completely obliterated this goal. Friends, family, and colleagues consistently state they’ve heard of Urban Roots, saw us on the news last night, or read about us in the paper. Thanks to their hard work and expertise, our community knows who we are and what we do!


It brings me immense comfort to know our story and brand are in the incredibly capable hands of Rachel with the Gattuso Coalition and Kaitlin and Kyle of Electrikk Digital. These collaborative partners combine their prowess to promote Urban Roots and call the community to action. In 2019, this team assisted in securing $180,000 for our upcoming teaching kitchen and restrooms for the Urban Teaching Farm and has truly shined during the pandemic, helping our nonprofit transition from largely in-person offerings to the digital space. Rachel, Kaitlin, and Kyle tirelessly worked to help Urban Roots raise more than $85,000 during our digital festival and fundraiser – vital funds that not only kept our doors open but enabled us to continue our mission and provide services to our community.


In addition to her social media mastery, this bubbly and delightful being possesses unmatched creativity with an incredible eye. Kaitlin is a gifted photographer and has taken and edited staff and board portraits, brand images for the organization, and meticulously crafted the concepts and photos for the “Elf Herself” holiday campaign."

Fayth Ross

Executive Director

Urban Roots


"I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know that you guys do a really good job. I am glad I decided to work with you. Both Kaitlin and Kyle design a variety of attractive social media graphics for the restaurant. Since May 2019, you have increased our social media engagement by 67.70% and new followers are up by 30.80%. It's been a delightful experience working with you.
Thank you 


"I wholeheartedly recommend Kyle and Kaitlin Young from Electrikk Digital. They have been AMAZING to work with and instrumental in successfully marketing my company. They are organized, creative, ethical, professional, fun, compassionate, driven, and have always, ALWAYS completed tasks on or before our deadlines. They continue to surprise me with their progressive and innovative ideas and approach to marketing in todays’ dynamic and diverse social media landscape while exceeding my expectations with every project. I value their opinion, trust their experience, and appreciate all the time, hard-work, and patience they have provided. Kyle and Kaitlin, I consider you to be a professional associates AND friends and thank you both for treating my business like your business."
- Angie Marshall

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