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Social media managers come in many varieties. Your small business's social media management can be run in-house or with outside help. Your manager might be part-time or full-time. If your manager is in-house, you might task them with non-marketing duties in addition to social media management. If you choose outside help, your manager might exclusively work in social media, or they might also do advertising, public relations, web design and other marketing activities.

Here are a few options for social media managers that might be advantageous for your business.


  • Do-It-Yourself

  • In-house part-time

  • In-house full-time marketing specialist

  • Full-service marketing agency

  • Boutique social media management

At Electrikk Digital, we consider ourselves a boutique social media management agency. That means that we focus our services on social media management. Our type of work requires us to excel at product photography, digital strategy, social media graphics, copywriting, interviewing and reporting. We also dabble in things like SEO and content writing, but tend to hire out for ad buying, videography, public relations and similar activities.

We enjoy assisting clients large and small in industries far and wide, but that doesn't mean we are the best fit for everybody. Take the quiz below to learn more about which type of social media manager might benefit your business!

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